The boys got their craft on

Tonight the boys and I worked on robots together out of salvaged household goods that we would of otherwise thrown away or recycled for a competition at the National Geographic Shop. You can find the comp on their Facebook page but it closes tonight. We got their entries in just in time *phew*

I love to see little kids minds get creative, watching them find a solution to fit their needs. We honestly do not give children enough credit for their intelligence I believe. I definitely want to do more crafts with the kids. Hopefully in the future I’ll buy some craft things and make a nice collection for us to play together with.

These are my boys Ishaq and Elias. Ishaq is 8 and Elias is 6. They are very proud of what they have made tonight and so am I.


Ishaq and his robot Munchy


Elias and his robot WallE 2 hehe
Elias and his robot WallE 2 hehe


Proud boys and proud MAMA !

Aren’t their robots AWESOME?! Do you like to get crafty with your kids? Tell me what you like to do together, inspire me please =D


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