Chicken and sweetcorn soup


Even my fussy 3 year old gobbled it up and asked for seconds. You honestly need to try this recipe if you are a fan of the Chinese Chicken and sweetcorn soup. It’s soooooo very similar and perfect for a light lunch or to go with dinner.

The main reason I am blogging this is so that I remember to keep making it hehe

Whenever I portion out a whole chicken I always save the back for soups. They have the perfect amount of meat on them to make a soup like this and then the rest of the chicken can be used for whatever you are using it for at the time. It saves so much money to buy one very big chicken and cut it up yourself.



  • 2 Chicken backs
  • salt and pepper
  • Some chicken stock powder if you like it extra chickeny (that is SO a word!)
  • 2 Cans of creamed corn
  • About 5 TBS corn flour/corn starch mixed in water
  • 3 good sized tsps of sugar
  • 2 eggs beaten well


You can use the chicken backs when they are frozen, that’s fine. I do anyway. Put them in a large pot and cover with water and boil them away with some salt and pepper. When they are well cooked and starting to fall apart, take them off of the heat and scoop out all of the chicken and the bones. Watch out for them small rib bones in case of little ones choking. You can pour the soup in a sieve with a big bowl underneath if you want to be doubly certain.

Allow the chicken to cool a bit then pick off every tiny piece of chicken adding it all back to the pot. Add some stock powder if there’s not enough flavour for you. Add the sugar, cans of creamed corn and let it cook away for about 10 minutes. Add water if the level goes too low.

At the end mix the corn flour with the water and add it to the soup whilst stirring and keep stirring a little bit so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Once that has thickened to your preferred consistency drizzle in the eggs while stirring in a whirlpool direction so that it separates into long strings of egg and not clumps.

To serve

Feel free to add some chopped green onions, my kids don’t like them so I don’t put them. Or drizzle some sesame oil over the top. Enjoy =D

If you make this i’d love to know if you enjoyed it and if there are improvements to be made.


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