Rainbow Fettuccini With Creamy Garlic Chicken, Roasted Pumpkin, Mushroom & Spinach

You NEED to make this recipe, it’s a definite family pleaser and full of flavour. I love bright rainbow pasta also because it makes the little ones excited to eat it *little do they know the pasta has hidden veggies inside* but that’s a mum’s secret 😉

This recipe is from a lady named Rana on a Facebook food group I belong to. I hope that you enjoy it!


Rana’s recipe details are as follows:

Add diced pumpkin to baking tray along with 4 Cloves garlic, salt, cracked black pepper and veg oil, mix and bake on high 220 degrees till golden.

Remove pumpkin once cooked, leave roasted garlic in tray along with oils, mash garlic, and add in diced chicken tenderloins, sliced basil leaves, cracked black pepper, chicken salt, add in sliced mushrooms, baby spinich leaves.

Once cooked add in, 600ml lite cream, 300 ml milk, leave to simmer adding in cornflour paste to thicken, add in cooked pasta and diced pumpkin and simmer a little longer. leave covered for 20 mins for pasta to soak in sauce and enjoy!


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