Product Review – Mountain Goats Milk Soap


My son Ishaq suffers from horrible eczema. He is allergic to dust and the slightest contact with it creates not only hives but eczema left over on his skin. He gets it all over his body from between the toes to his eye lids. I have tried so many different products to ease his dryness and itchiness and while I have had some good success with them they never quite healed it completely.

We hate using the cortisone creams that the dr recommends although sometimes sadly we do have to resort to it for the very worst of symptoms.

I’ve found great relief with Mountain Goats Milk Soap products recently for his dry skin and indeed the itchiness. I’ve been using the baby wash or the soap in his bath and then smothering him with their gorgeous creams.
Here’s a few we love…

Moisture Intense:

For those who need extreme moisturising this cream is readily absorbed into the skin and the moisture is so very well lasting you will be surprised. And the scent… DIVINE !

Luxurious Unscented Soap:
With no water used in this product and only the very best Goats milk and rich in skin loving oils and butters this soap will leave you wonderfully clean and fresh without stripping your already dry skin of it’s natural oils.
Baby Wash:
Rich in the essential oils of Lavender this delightful wash is not only a pleasure to use but it’s great for your baby’s skin. This beautiful wash really goes a long way so when it says you only need the smallest amount it truly means it. I love to use this for myself too… just don’t tell the kids.

Raspberry Cream:

Do you remember the smell of Redskins lollies as a kid? that overwhelmingly delicious scent of raspberries when you ate them? THIS cream is THAT smell !! This is a wonderfully buttery cream with no water added for maximum moisture absorption. Plus of course, it smells incredible.


Lip Balm… One for mama:

I love the rich chocolate scent and flavour of this gorgeous lip balm. I have it ready to go in my handbag for when I want a hit of deliciousness. You don’t even need to have rough lips to want to smooth this onto your lips. And because it is firm in the container, it doesn’t get wasted and definitely will not leak out of the container. Just delightful.


You will love these products even if you do not suffer from eczema. I have been telling everyone about these lovely products and i’m sure you will adore them also if you try them.

Please check out their website HERE  and their facebook page HERE Make sure to tell them that Australian Mums Products sent you 🙂

Before you leave… here’s some lovely Goats!

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