Facebook Bullying is REAL!


Why are people nasty jerks online? Is it because they feel superior behind their anonymous fake names? Maybe the internet makes people feel so disconnected with humanity that they leave their kindness at the login. I don’t know, But I DO know that people can sometimes turn into heartless pack animals online.

This morning I signed into Facebook and there was a post from 7 News Australia regarding Steve Irwin being on our future $100 bills, I stated my opinion which was that while he is a good guy, he is not a hero and maybe a real hero should be on the bill such as a Police man/woman who has died in the line of duty, or a surgeon who has saved the lives of countless people, possibly someone who rescues stolen children who are being used as child sex slaves. And I was SLAUGHTERED online for my opinion!

People were so so so nasty, I had at least 20 people attacking me and calling me names and generally being complete assholes just because I did not agree with them. I could not believe the pack mentality!

Some started to stalk my profile and post photo’s and comments I had previously made, they started to post these in the thread where I stated my opinion about the change to currency, TWO females decided to attack me on MY OWN PROFILE in comments! honestly, I was in shock!

I’m not weak of heart or mind but this floored me. This pack asshole bullying mentality stunned me.

I was shaking, crying and ultimately deleted my opinion and then deactivated my private profile for a while just to save myself from their bullying.


Ultimately – if you are not nice online, you are NOT NICE at all !

I’m still shocked!

Have you been bullied online? What did you do to handle the situation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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