When you’re sick – and a Mum

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I should know better, I really should.

I’ve been a mum now for over 19 years (GOD that sounds long!) and yet… I haven’t learnt.

You’re sick, it’s 7:30am and the alarm has gone off and you simply DO NOT want to leave the warm bed to get the kids ready and off to school. So you go against every single primal instinct that’s screaming inside of you and you tell the kids it’s a home day today.

YOU KNOW that it’s not going to end well but you can’t help yourself, you convince yourself that TODAY it WILL be different! they WILL behave and play quietly to let you rest your tired sore head and sleep for a while.

It’s all quiet…. until 8:30am. It lasts until the siren for school would of gone off and all of the little “darlings” are safe in class and you would of otherwise had peace in the house. You knew deep down it would go down like this, oh yes, YOU KNEW! but you ignored it, why did you ignore it?

The yelling starts, gradually at first, arguing over a toy, a teddy, or the tv channel.

Out of pure flu-filled desperation you tell them they can play their wiiU or their Playstation just so you.can.rest….

All is good, you’re surprised! HEY IT WORKED!!! and you close your eyes, you tell yourself that your kids are letting you sleep for once when you asked them to, you drift off…. slowly you fall down into that much needed blessed sleep, suddenly like a door slamming shut BANG !!! someone screams, another one cries… they’re running into the room at full speed with their voices as loud as a police siren MUUUMMMMMMM!!!!

You know right then…. you should of just sent them to school.

I never learn… why don’t I EVER learn?


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