Poppyseed Bread Rolls


Can you SMELL them?! Close your eyes and imagine the smell of fluffy, yeasty soft bread rolls filling the air…. mmmmmmmm

You can make them yourself sooooo easily! I hope you love them ❤


1 Cup warm milk
1 Cup warm water
100ml Canola oil
2 eggs – put one of the egg whites aside
3 TBS yeast
1 1/2 tsp Salt
2 Generous tsp sugar
4-5 Cups plain flour (you’ll know how much as the dough comes together)

For the top

Your 1 Egg white
2 tsp Water
Pinch salt


Mix all of the bread dough ingredients together in a stand mixer until dough is soft, adding flour as you need it to make it soft and no longer sticky.

Let rest in an oiled bowl and topped with glad wrap and then a tea towel until doubled in size.

Roll the dough into roll sized balls and place on a baking paper lined tray.

Whisk the topping ingredients (except for the poppyseeds) together and brush on top of dough. Scatter poppyseeds on top of that, Allow to rest another hour.

Bake in a hot oven under cooked and golden.



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