Spring is HERE!

Although at the moment it doesn’t really feel like Spring yet. It’s raining constantly and the Winter chill is still in the air. I’ve been musing about what I love most about Spring.

For me –

Spring means welcoming the warmer weather
Picking flowers on the way to school with the kids
Playing on the trampoline all day and SOMETIMES with the hose turned on us
Hayfever, which is almost worth it for the flowers in bloom
Picnics and BBQ’s
Lazy days at the beach swimming, eating out, coffees while kids play and friendly get togethers with friends as a group
Watching my young ones under the sprinkler and breathing in their joy
The smell of dirt and sunshine on the kids hair after a day outside in the garden
Salads and bbq meats
Lazy afternoon naps – Sometimes you wake refreshed and sometimes half dead haha
Baby birds in the trees
Floating dresses and shaved legs 😉

There’s just so much to love about Spring. It’s my FAVOURITE of the seasons.

Thought i’d share.

What do you love most about Spring? 🙂

ps: please enjoy the photo of a bee in my lavender bush



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