Birth story of baby 5 – Caesarian is birth TOO

I share this story to go hand in hand with my previous post Caesarian IS birth

This is the birth of our son Elias. It was a very very hard pregnancy followed by an equally hard delivery. But I happily say that it was completely worth every pain and hardship.

Oh my aching ovaries !! He was such a beautiful baby ❤

Here is my birth story on the hardest delivery I have ever had!

The long story of our little son Elias’s birth begins when at 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant I am told by ultrasound that our not so little boy is measuring at 10 pounds. Then begins the preparations for an induction the following week. Filled with nervous excitement we go to our scheduled admission to the hospital on Tuesday the 4th May 2010.


After 4 previous inductions I was admitted with complete inner confidence that this would be another “routine” induction where they burst my waters and throw up the syntocin drip and out comes baby within about 5 hours.


Boy was I WRONG!!


After discussion with my own OB and the specialist OB at the hospital the risks and benefits of early induction are weighed against the induction and my allowing my body to go into labour alone naturally and we make the mutual choice that induction is safer as the chance of the baby becoming stuck in the birth canal with his shoulders causing shoulder dystocia are greater if baby is left to grow any further.


( Shoulder dystocia occurs when, after delivery of the fetal head, the baby’s anterior shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone. If this happens, the remainder of the baby does not follow the head easily out of the vagina as it usually does during vaginal deliveries. The subsequent methods of either forcing the delivery or pushing the head of the baby back into the uterus to allow a caesarian birth can cause life threatening injuries to the infant in worst cases. )


After a painful examination it is found that the neck of my uterus is still closed and firm and that the mouth to my cervix is barely 1cm open so they are unable to get to my waters to break them the decision to use a foley’s catheter is made for that afternoon to mechanically force the cervix to ripen and open ( A Foley’s catheter is basically a long tube with a balloon on the end that they place between the womb and the membranes then fill the balloon with saline so that it forces the cervix to open slowly over a matter of hours and then falls out when it’s done it’s job ). I am told this is a basically no fail method of ripening the cervix. At 4:30pm that day we are taken back to the labour ward to have the foley’s put into place. After being reassured that it is uncomfortable but not painful I am shocked when it hurts so much and am told that my womb is very firm and they need to force it inside there. The placing of the catheter is tried twice before they say that they need to use a smaller catheter. By now I am shaking in shock and pain and just wishing so much that I never came in to be induced to begin with. Sucking on the gas and air like it was nothing more than oxygen they finally get it in with try number 3 and I’m told jokingly that 3rd times the charm for sure this time and that it will fall out within 12 hours and labour should either start on it’s own or they’ll simply break my waters and labour will follow from there on.


After a long night of mild contractions and backpain I am excited by the midwife’s constantly telling me ooohhh this is great things are happening and we’ll have a baby by tomorrow lunch my OB comes in and asks if the foley’s has fallen out, I tell him no it hasn’t and another painful examination shows that I have only dialated to 2cm and the neck of my cervix is still firm so the foley’s was a failure and he manipulates it out of me and the specialist OB comes back to discuss where to go from here. It is decided that I will have prostin Gel placed into my vagina and that will work.


That evening I am again examined and there is no change inside from the prostin so they give me another dose with the assurance that “this’ll do it” and that they will hope I go into labour that night. Again a night of mild contractions and the midwife’s telling me it’s all good and the baby will be here soon. The morning comes and I am again examined and told finally my cervix is soft and elastic so they can break my waters.


Water is broken to grins around from the two OB’s and the midwife’s on the ward. Relief is in the air and he is told she’ll do it herself now. After 4 babies they were SURE it’ll happen easily for me.


Fast forward 3 hours of mild contractions that begin to subside slowly they decide to put up the syntocin drip to kickstart things a bit. I am examined and baby is very very high and has moved away from his side on position, I am assured he’ll move down into my pelvis when good contractions come and then birth will come fast after that. The syntocin works for 1 hour giving me pretty good contractions 3 minutes apart and then they again slowly go away to 1 every 10 minutes but remaining strong and painful.


This time my two OB’s come to me worried about our baby and say that we are having an emergency caesarian as baby is still very high and is in a strange position and I have not gone past 3cms dialated.


I am very fast prepared for the surgery, given a spinal and hubby is brought in with haste and before I know it they pull our gorgeous little boy out of me amongst sighs and comments of relief that he is healthy and happy and that nothing else went wrong with his birth. He was found to be sunny side up inside of me, his spine along my spine and his neck flexed in such a manner that he physically could not come down into the pelvis and the contractions only made his neck stretch further so this is why I could not go into proper labour.


He is weighed and checked and I am told he is a very healthy 4.385kg baby who came out of the delivery better than they were expecting and crying with gusto. I am crying tears of shock, joy and relief and hubby is grinning like crazy and joking around with our OB.


So ends our long journey from beginning to end of the exciting, scary, anxious and happy birth of our lovely son Elias

He sure was a big bruiser hahahhaa

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