Don’t judge that mum at the park on her phone, PLEASE!

I am that mum.

I’m there on my phone reading Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m there sending messages to friends and family that I haven’t messaged in days.

I’m sitting there with my cup of coffee happily leaving the kids to play and asking the eldest to push the youngest on the swing because i’m busy.


Why am I that mum?

In every normal day I wake up at 7am and get the children ready for school, I feed them, clothe them, make the lunches and get them there safely. Then i’m home again and feeding our youngest son, dressing him for the day, setting him up with some games or puzzles and i’m on the laptop next to him – studying.

Throughout the day I am alternating myself between studying and playing with my young son, feeding him and generally attending to his needs and wants plus somewhere in between cleaning our too big of a house and cooking a meal for the night.

I’m tired, i’m worn out, i’m disconnected from friends and family. So when we are at the park I reconnect. I open Twitter, I open Facebook, I open Instagram, I make some calls and send some texts and let the kids play alone.

There’s 4 of them playing at any one time, they’re not babies anymore, they need to know how to be happy with their own company and I don’t think it’s a crime to let them play together, do you?

Oh I see you judging me, looking at me sideways when my young one asks someone to push him and I call our other son to go and push his brother. I see your questioning eyes looking at eachother and making your minds up about me before you even know me.

I don’t care.

Please don’t judge us mums on our phones at the park. Sometimes that hour at the park is the ONLY peaceful hour we have had for a brainless activity all day.

And when i’m home again, i’ll be with my kids again – we’ll watch a movie and get ready for meals, showers and bedtimes together. It’s just 1 hour out of my day at the park, and I NEED that hour!

Here’s some photo’s of my unfortunate children not being cared for at the park 😛

CLEARLY Unhappy children 😉

img_6437 img_6340 img_6425 img_5540 img_6352


2 thoughts on “Don’t judge that mum at the park on her phone, PLEASE!

  1. Too true! Were those pics taken with your phone?! Shocking! 😂🙈
    Judging other parents is a sure fire way to make yourself miserable … there are so many other far more worthy people to judge than mothers … Trump/Hillary/ Kim/Kanye Mugabe/Zuma … not each other!

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