Our neighbours

I don’t get some people, do they ever just sit down and relax?

Our neighbours are ALWAYS working in their garden. She has her little girls fluttering around her in princess gowns and the husband is working away at the trees EVERY SINGLE DAY.

How much tidier does their yard have to be?!

Day after day I sit in my office at my computer, drinking coffee, eating cakes or some other sweet whilst studying and watching these people work work work. Were their ancestors ants?

Right now they are clearing out nonexistent weeds from their perfect garden beds while their girls play nicely in the garden. I never hear the mum yell or have to tell the girls not to go near the road, not to touch the tools are to play nicely. If it was me with my boys outside i’d be screaming like a banshee constantly because they’ll be kicking their balls over the fence, running over the road to collect something kicked or thrown, riding bikes too far down the drive….. hang on.. it wouldn’t be be anyway because i’m TOO DAMN LAZY to be working like they are!

She does woodwork of some kind too, I see her, in her garage banging away, sawing and sanding different things. Seriously… what is wrong with them?!

I have the flu today, my kids didn’t even go to school because I just can’t make myself get them ready and out the door. The thought of getting them dressed and ready then driving them the 3 minutes to school feels like such a mission and I just can’t adult today.

Maybe I need to be more like my neighbours, maybe then i’ll find the energy to do everything that needs to be done.

Maybe not. There’s more cake and i’d rather eat that.


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