Chicken and Mushroom Pies

Mona from a cooking group I am in cooked another one of Tagrid’s beautiful recipes. They look amazing!

There are no measurements to the ingredients so just go with what you feel.

chicken breast cut in 2cm chunks (3 breast fillets)
sliced mushrooms
diced onion
crushed garlic
tablespoon wholegrain mustard
teaspoon vegeta (chicken stock powder)
italian herbs
tablespoon chicken gravy powder
2 tablespoons plain flour
approx 2 cups milk

cook chicken in batches, set aside

in some butter/olive oil sautee onion + garlic for a few minutes. add the mushrooms & cook until slightly wilted. add flour & mix, then slowly add milk whilst mixing until thickened. add mustard, vegeta, gravy powder & italian herbs. adjust seasonings & thickness of the sauce if desired & add the chicken back in.
cool before filling pastry.


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