Creamy pesto and chicken mushroom gnocchi

This delicious recipe is from Majida on Facebook. I want it RIGHT NOW !! So easy too!

I feel like i’m ripping my readers off by not writing long drawn out posts before a recipe. I feel like I should be remembering a time long ago at some far away place whilst drinking champagne and watching the sunset and children playing at my feet that I ate something the same as this….

Sorry.. It’s not my style.

I just want to record delicious food with occasional spam of my family.


Boil the gnocchi and put it aside . I used two packs .Once it floats to the top it’s ready.
In a saucepan . Pan fry half a kilo of chicken. Once cooked , add a finely diced onion until soft(not brown) , in a tbsp of oil. Then 5 large cloves of garlic . Once you smell the aroma , add a tbsp of pesto and toss . Then 500 grams of mushrooms . Toss until cooked . Add 400ml cream and 400 ml milk. And two tbsp of cornflour mixed into the milk. , drizzle it in slowly and on low heat so it doesn’t clump . Tbsp of vegeta, 2 large spring onions , 2 tbsp of Parmesan handful of parsley and salt and pepper to Taste. Once it’s reduced to the thickness that you like. Turn off the heat and add the gnocchi in and toss . 😊Bon appetit


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