New cookbook buys

Today after waiting two VERY long excited/anxious weeks I finally received my new cookbook. Palestine on a plate.

We used to live next door to a couple from Palestine and she used to make such delicious foods. I have missed her food so buying this book was a MUST. And now, them delicious recipes are all in my bookshelf =D


This book is a very generous 240 page volume of some of her favourite meals. SADLY there is no mansaf inside this book which I am completely heartbroken about but there’s another Palestinian book I want to buy which I hope will contain the elusive recipe that’s missing from this one. Mansaf is known as the official dish of Jordan so I am actually quite surprised that it was not included in this book. Oh well – this book is incredible without it and i’m sure i’ll be cooking many of the recipes over and over again.

You can buy this book from many places online but I purchased it at The Book Depository. It’s where I generally go for books. Reliable service and i’ve never been disappointed in their delivery or their packaging. You’ll enjoy shopping there also.

This week I plan to purchase another cookbook to add to my very large collection. This book is a Lebanese cookbook called Taste of Beirut.


I love Lebanese food as much as I love most other Arabian foods. There is so much to love about Arabic cuisines that it makes buying cookbooks such an exciting pursuit. I’m looking forward to this Lebanese cookbook very much and I’m hoping that it will have a particular lamb mince, fragranced rice inside of it that we get when we buy Lebanese food in restaurants. I’ll cry if it’s not in there hahaha

Do you have a favourite cook book? please share with me what it is. I have so many wonderful cookbooks and i’m always looking to add to my collection.


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