Win a Jewellery Candle thanks to Royal Essence

Have you seen these gorgeous candles? they’re INCREDIBLE!

You choose your type of candle, burn it as you normally would and inside is wrapped a piece of jewellery for you to keep! The value of the jewellery within is anywhere from $20 to a whopping $2000 !!




Do you want to enter to win one of these amazing candles?! click right HERE and visit their fantastic website ❤



Win 1 of 5 Awesome Samsung Theatre Packages

WOW WOW I WANT THIS hahahahhahah

Should I share with you the entry details??? hmmmmm

*thinking* hehehe OF COURSE =D

What a fantastic prize!
What a fantastic prize!

Head on over to Dimetapp’s website by clicking HERE and enter. You only have to answer 1 small question then fill in your details, so quick and easy.

Good luck guys!


Everyone in my family and friend network knows how much I love to bake and cook. But baking especially! The success of that delicious pie, the cake with the perfect crumb and breads, oh yes the breads. From flat breads to sweet breads to turkish breads. Breads, cakes and pies are my true comfort foods.

This is why when I saw this prize from Hardie Grant Books I entered it in a snap, oh what a gloriously special prize it is yes?!


Oh yes please !!
                                                Oh yes please !!

I’d love for you to enter also, I get no advantage by telling you about this competition except the warm fuzzies of spreading the word of something my readers might love as much as I do.

You can enter this comp by visiting Hardie Grant Books Facebook page HERE



WOW !!! Do you like to enter competitions? I LOVE competitions =D I rarely win though but when I do win something it’s the best day ever hahahaha

I’ll have to make a tart and try to take a half decent photo of my creation for this amazing competition. CAN YOU IMAGINE WINNING ONE OF THESE PRIZE PACKS?! My little heart skips a beat just thinking about it hahahaha I love Sunbeam products and already have many of their products in my home so I KNOW you’ll be in heaven if you win this prize.

Go here for details -
Click HERE for details


My little heart is going clippety clop lol
My little heart is going clippety clop lol

By sharing this competition with you I know I am limiting my own chances to win because there are sooooo many awesomely talented home bakers out there but I can’t help myself and YOU MUST tell me if you won PLEASE! I will live vicariously through you and join in on your excitement.

Good luck to one and all. And to me too, especially for my photography hehehehe iPhone 4s is not fun to take photo’s with LOL