The Reward Jug

So a friend just shared this idea to Facebook from Holly Bailey Hudson (see her original post HERE) and this is what she says about how the reward jug works for her.


David Hudson and I wanted to do something original to really motivate the kids for good grades. They love games and surprises, so I made a Mystery Report Card Reward Jug…… for each A they receive on their Report cards, they choose a stick, and a 4.0 gets an extra draw! Prizes written on the sticks range from 50 cents to $2.00, get out of chores free card, one small DQ blizzard, choice of dinner one night, as well as a few “Prizes” such as puzzles or candy that we bought. They LOVED it!!!! We will be doing this for every report card, for years to come!

I think she has a FANTASTIC idea !! but i’m thinking to change it to a good deed jug or maybe a weekly jug for good behaviour at school, at home or some other type of reward system. I’m unsure how I will change it yet! I wanted a reward system for the kids for a long time but charts don’t inspire my boys and I tend to forget about doing it *busy mum* but THIS idea seems perfect! it’s such an instantly gratifying way to encourage children to do their chores or be kind to each other.

                        Pick a stick – ANY STICK !! how exciting hahaha

Thank you Holly!

How would you use this system with your children? please INSPIRE ME !!

My parents NEVER did any type of rewards system for us kids whenever we worked hard at school or did chores around the house. it was simply an expected thing to do, I know I would of worked harder at school or done more chores around the house if I knew that they were grateful for my efforts.

I’m definitely going to give this a go =D

   Some reward ideas, oh gosh imagine the ideas you can excite them with =D




Mother’s Day

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all of the mama’s out there.

My gorgeous kids could not wait until Sunday so yesterday I was spoilt two days early =D LUCKY ME !! And I must say…. I’ve got some amazingly crafty kids on my hands. So many gorgeous homemade gifts. I’m glowing with happiness.

Homemade gifts hit the heart so much more than anything bought from the store, to know that with every pen stroke, every cut and every fold they were thinking of me and how happy their gift will make me fills my soul with so much love. My 18 year old is so busy at Uni (he’s studying to be a Dr) !!! Hopefully he’ll make it to see me this Sunday but it’s ok if he doesn’t. He calls to tell me he loves me every single day.

I’m a VERY blessed mama.

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The boys got their craft on

Tonight the boys and I worked on robots together out of salvaged household goods that we would of otherwise thrown away or recycled for a competition at the National Geographic Shop. You can find the comp on their Facebook page but it closes tonight. We got their entries in just in time *phew*

I love to see little kids minds get creative, watching them find a solution to fit their needs. We honestly do not give children enough credit for their intelligence I believe. I definitely want to do more crafts with the kids. Hopefully in the future I’ll buy some craft things and make a nice collection for us to play together with.

These are my boys Ishaq and Elias. Ishaq is 8 and Elias is 6. They are very proud of what they have made tonight and so am I.


Ishaq and his robot Munchy


Elias and his robot WallE 2 hehe
Elias and his robot WallE 2 hehe


Proud boys and proud MAMA !

Aren’t their robots AWESOME?! Do you like to get crafty with your kids? Tell me what you like to do together, inspire me please =D