Today was surgery day!

Today I put on on of my many many mum hats to be a surgeon, specifically a teddy surgeon.

Baby doggy has been in a bad way for about a year sitting in the closet waiting for his surgery. Can’t blame me, it’s the SYSTEM I tell ya!!! Being so overwhelmed with other surgeries on the waiting list the system cannot keep up and some patients with less life threatening conditions get pushed down the list. 😂😂

Anyway today was his day, in the middle of surgery it was discovered that he was sicker than we booked him in for so surgery took a bit longer than it normally would have but I’m happy to announce that he lived through the anaesthetic and will only have minimum scarring as a reminder of his surgery today.

So my surgeons hat has been removed for now and I’m about to change into my army Sargent hat to motivate some little bottoms into cleaning their rooms lol 


Childhood Reflections

I was talking with a friend online the other day and we were talking about times we had the best time of our lives but got our butts heavily whooped on by Mum and Dad.

One of my funniest memory of such a time was one Christmas night when I was about 4, my brother was 5 and we wanted to make Mum and Dad Christmas dinner as a surprise when they woke up.

My brother and I woke up before the sun this Christmas morning and he suggested we make Christmas dinner for Mum so she can rest for the day. I STILL remember this day as if it was yesterday LOL

WELL…… we raided the fridge and the cupboards and used EVERY SINGLE ITEM to make this amazing Christmas dinner for Mum. There was no single item unused, from the sauce in the fridge to the salt in the cupboard, we used the entire house of food. Needless to say our parents were FURIOUS hehehe

Image borrowed from @kidsaretheworst 
How we thought we looked cooking
How i’m sure Mum and Dad saw the carnage

I can still feel the sting in my tail LOL hey our hearts were in the right place 😛

Have you done anything as naughty as this for your parents?