Philips Airfryer

We’ve had our old trusty Philips Airfryer for a couple of years now. It has cooked many delicious steaks, chips, nuggests, burgers, drumsticks, pies and sausage rolls. But it’s getting old, it’s tired and needs retirement.


Browsing online I saw that Philips have some GORGEOUS new machines out and i’m SERIOUSLY lusting over them!! Check this out :

Be still my beating heart *swoons*

I’ve got some mega saving up to do hahahah

Anyway – wanted to show you. I hope you’re swooning too. I love kitchen appliances hehe


Currently lusting over …

black-power1So I saw this gorgeous new Sodastream machine in a competition online today and it reminded me of the memories growing up begging Mum and Dad for a Sodastream for YEARS and never getting one.

Friends had one and it was amazing to me that they could have fizzy drinks made in their own homes, I still dream of owning one and will likely layby one soon.

My mind is whizzing with all of the remembered drink concoctions you can make with them, using fresh juices, cordials or just soda water on it’s own.

Have you bought a Sodastream? did you have one growing up?