New cookbook buys

Today after waiting two VERY long excited/anxious weeks I finally received my new cookbook. Palestine on a plate.

We used to live next door to a couple from Palestine and she used to make such delicious foods. I have missed her food so buying this book was a MUST. And now, them delicious recipes are all in my bookshelf =D


This book is a very generous 240 page volume of some of her favourite meals. SADLY there is no mansaf inside this book which I am completely heartbroken about but there’s another Palestinian book I want to buy which I hope will contain the elusive recipe that’s missing from this one. Mansaf is known as the official dish of Jordan so I am actually quite surprised that it was not included in this book. Oh well – this book is incredible without it and i’m sure i’ll be cooking many of the recipes over and over again.

You can buy this book from many places online but I purchased it at The Book Depository. It’s where I generally go for books. Reliable service and i’ve never been disappointed in their delivery or their packaging. You’ll enjoy shopping there also.

This week I plan to purchase another cookbook to add to my very large collection. This book is a Lebanese cookbook called Taste of Beirut.


I love Lebanese food as much as I love most other Arabian foods. There is so much to love about Arabic cuisines that it makes buying cookbooks such an exciting pursuit. I’m looking forward to this Lebanese cookbook very much and I’m hoping that it will have a particular lamb mince, fragranced rice inside of it that we get when we buy Lebanese food in restaurants. I’ll cry if it’s not in there hahaha

Do you have a favourite cook book? please share with me what it is. I have so many wonderful cookbooks and i’m always looking to add to my collection.


Sew Arrabella – Luxury Handmade Purses

My VERY talented friend Helen creates these incredible handmade purses and sells on Facebook and in markets. Each one is handmade from start to finish – you will honestly ADORE these gorgeous purses!

She made one for me and it is my most favourite possession ever! The quality is amazing and they are so very generous with room inside. I love to get my purse out of my bag to pay for anything I buy and I have had so many compliments on it =D

You can find Helen’s Store by clicking right HERE

Check out all of them compartments!
Check out all of them compartments!

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Higher Living Evening Tea

As a mum of 6, A full-time student and busy housewife I sometimes find it very difficult to switch off in the evening and sleep at night. Insomnia is my most recent worst enemy!

I was given a box of 10 products to review for a website called Shopper Social (check them out HERE) And this box of tea was within that box, I loved it so much I wanted to write about it in my blog too!

I am a HUGE tea lover in general but i’m quite fussy with what I drink. This beautiful tea though is perfect for my fussy tastes.

It is a calming blend of time soothing lemon balm, fennel, chamomile, peppermint and lavender to relax you in the evening.

It is my new favourite sleep tonic. I honestly recommend it. 🙂



EasiYo and Kellogg’s Breakfast Toppers

This is a fantastic combination. This was my lunch today, I am busy doing an assignment and felt my energy start to wane from hunger but now my body is fuelled and ready to go again.


DELICIOUS !!! I have used the Mango & Coconut Bits yoghurt with some fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and a sachet of Kellogg’s breakfast toppers.

Winner winner chick…. ah Yoghurt dinner lol


EasiYo trial from Social Soup

#EasyAsEasiYo Can't get any easier than EasiYo to make homemade yoghurt!
#EasyAsEasiYo Can’t get any easier than EasiYo to make homemade yoghurt! Image from EasiYo ❤

The kids and I are SO EXCITED that Social Soup chose us amongst many other families to trial and review the EasiYo system to make real, fresh yoghurt in our own home.

I have used EasiYo before, it’s luscious seriously! it’s a pot set yoghurt and is everything as good as what you would buy in the fridge section in stores.

I love the great range of flavours and their website has a great number of interesting recipes to mix it up. No more eating yoghurt from the tub here, I’m gonna get FREAKY 😛

The very first recipe i’m going to make is Ambrosia – *Sighs* I love that stuff. I’ll be sure to upload photos here when i’ve made it.

He’s super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that’s happily sitting and thickening for our breaky tomorrow
He's super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that's happily sitting and thickening for our brekky tomorrow.
He’s super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that’s happily sitting and thickening for our brekky tomorrow.
Mr Ishaq was our shaker man getting the yummy Strawberry yoghurt ready to go!


Here Ishaq is putting it in it’s container (no hot water, purely for photo reasons)


And Mr Elias putting the lid on (no hot water yet lol) mama is a helicopter parent hehe

So now we wait !!

Leave it for 8-12 hours and you’ll have thick yoghurt. #EasyAsEasiYo

Fruit For Life – Coconut Chips


Sometimes I crave a snack with crunch and this filled that need perfectly.

I love how they are delicately roasted, they’re such a beautiful snack and very easy to eat. I finished the entire bag!

I purchased this bag at Coles and I believe they were about $2.15 in the baking aisle where the dried fruits and nuts are stored.


My current study companion/addiction…


I am absolutely in love with Arkadia Chai Tea – Specifically the SPICE one!

I love the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness, I love that I can make it with both hot water or with hot milk for a perfectly creamy latte. I love that the tin lasts a long time also!

Day after day I spent my life in front of my computer studying and it’s sweet hot drinks that power me through the day, I have been trying to wean myself off of coffee lately as it’s started to make me anxious and jittery so it was great to find another drink I can have hot that I enjoy.

I love tea, ALL kinds of tea, but sometimes you want something creamy and a little indulgent. This hits the spot perfectly.

Do you have a favourite instant chai or latte blend? i’d love to know about it so that I can try it too!