Our neighbours

I don’t get some people, do they ever just sit down and relax?

Our neighbours are ALWAYS working in their garden. She has her little girls fluttering around her in princess gowns and the husband is working away at the trees EVERY SINGLE DAY.

How much tidier does their yard have to be?!

Day after day I sit in my office at my computer, drinking coffee, eating cakes or some other sweet whilst studying and watching these people work work work. Were their ancestors ants?

Right now they are clearing out nonexistent weeds from their perfect garden beds while their girls play nicely in the garden. I never hear the mum yell or have to tell the girls not to go near the road, not to touch the tools are to play nicely. If it was me with my boys outside i’d be screaming like a banshee constantly because they’ll be kicking their balls over the fence, running over the road to collect something kicked or thrown, riding bikes too far down the drive….. hang on.. it wouldn’t be be anyway because i’m TOO DAMN LAZY to be working like they are!

She does woodwork of some kind too, I see her, in her garage banging away, sawing and sanding different things. Seriously… what is wrong with them?!

I have the flu today, my kids didn’t even go to school because I just can’t make myself get them ready and out the door. The thought of getting them dressed and ready then driving them the 3 minutes to school feels like such a mission and I just can’t adult today.

Maybe I need to be more like my neighbours, maybe then i’ll find the energy to do everything that needs to be done.

Maybe not. There’s more cake and i’d rather eat that.


Spring is HERE!

Although at the moment it doesn’t really feel like Spring yet. It’s raining constantly and the Winter chill is still in the air. I’ve been musing about what I love most about Spring.

For me –

Spring means welcoming the warmer weather
Picking flowers on the way to school with the kids
Playing on the trampoline all day and SOMETIMES with the hose turned on us
Hayfever, which is almost worth it for the flowers in bloom
Picnics and BBQ’s
Lazy days at the beach swimming, eating out, coffees while kids play and friendly get togethers with friends as a group
Watching my young ones under the sprinkler and breathing in their joy
The smell of dirt and sunshine on the kids hair after a day outside in the garden
Salads and bbq meats
Lazy afternoon naps – Sometimes you wake refreshed and sometimes half dead haha
Baby birds in the trees
Floating dresses and shaved legs 😉

There’s just so much to love about Spring. It’s my FAVOURITE of the seasons.

Thought i’d share.

What do you love most about Spring? 🙂

ps: please enjoy the photo of a bee in my lavender bush


When you’re sick – and a Mum

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I should know better, I really should.

I’ve been a mum now for over 19 years (GOD that sounds long!) and yet… I haven’t learnt.

You’re sick, it’s 7:30am and the alarm has gone off and you simply DO NOT want to leave the warm bed to get the kids ready and off to school. So you go against every single primal instinct that’s screaming inside of you and you tell the kids it’s a home day today.

YOU KNOW that it’s not going to end well but you can’t help yourself, you convince yourself that TODAY it WILL be different! they WILL behave and play quietly to let you rest your tired sore head and sleep for a while.

It’s all quiet…. until 8:30am. It lasts until the siren for school would of gone off and all of the little “darlings” are safe in class and you would of otherwise had peace in the house. You knew deep down it would go down like this, oh yes, YOU KNEW! but you ignored it, why did you ignore it?

The yelling starts, gradually at first, arguing over a toy, a teddy, or the tv channel.

Out of pure flu-filled desperation you tell them they can play their wiiU or their Playstation just so you.can.rest….

All is good, you’re surprised! HEY IT WORKED!!! and you close your eyes, you tell yourself that your kids are letting you sleep for once when you asked them to, you drift off…. slowly you fall down into that much needed blessed sleep, suddenly like a door slamming shut BANG !!! someone screams, another one cries… they’re running into the room at full speed with their voices as loud as a police siren MUUUMMMMMMM!!!!

You know right then…. you should of just sent them to school.

I never learn… why don’t I EVER learn?

Moving is hard work!

So the family and I are moving into a gorgeous new home. While I am so so so overwhelmingly excited and happy I am at the same time beyond exhausted and ready to hire a huge skip bin and just throw out all that is remaining so I don’t have to pack anymore lol

Do you hate that final stage of packing the house? and there’s STILL cleaning to do for the vacate ARGHHH

The one amazing thing in the home that I am looking forward to the most is the kitchen, it’s HUGE and with a dishwasher *sighs* I’ve hand washed dishes for my entire life and i’m tired of it. Surely a girl with 6 kids deserves a dish washer? hahaha

Isn’t this DIVINE !!?? 

There’s SO much bench space in this kitchen, I’m not going to know what to do with it all. The house we are currently in has such a tiny kitchen that when two people enter the kitchen is full and there’s this strange corner shaped space of benchtop that’s useless as it’s deep to the window but not wide at all.

I think my FIRST meal that i’m cooking in my new kitchen is a good butter chicken with naan breads. I’m going to use ALL of that glorious space, and then that lovely dishwasher can clean up for me YAY !!

I cannot wait to show photo’s of the food I cook up in the kitchen, GAS COOKING TOO!! woop woop !!! looking forward to sharing many new recipes coming up.

Today was surgery day!

Today I put on on of my many many mum hats to be a surgeon, specifically a teddy surgeon.

Baby doggy has been in a bad way for about a year sitting in the closet waiting for his surgery. Can’t blame me, it’s the SYSTEM I tell ya!!! Being so overwhelmed with other surgeries on the waiting list the system cannot keep up and some patients with less life threatening conditions get pushed down the list. 😂😂

Anyway today was his day, in the middle of surgery it was discovered that he was sicker than we booked him in for so surgery took a bit longer than it normally would have but I’m happy to announce that he lived through the anaesthetic and will only have minimum scarring as a reminder of his surgery today.

So my surgeons hat has been removed for now and I’m about to change into my army Sargent hat to motivate some little bottoms into cleaning their rooms lol 

Happy Mother’s Day? or is it?


It’s Mother’s day today apparently, isn’t it?

I mean…. my Facebook feed is FULL of happy Mother’s day posts, look what I received today, breakfasts the hubby and kids have made for Mum shows of love and spoiling all around.

Except in my home. I woke to the usual sound of jumping in the lounge room which by the way sounds like a herd of elephants stomping around thanks to the floors of our home. The usual yelling for breakfast at 7am, the same as yesterday and numerous days before arguments between the children about Peppa Pig, Adventure Time and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

I gave everyone ELSE breakfast, I made my own tea, I did not get to stay in bed, and i’ll be cooking dinner tonight too.

No pretty gifts ( Thankfully the kids made me some or imagine how worse i’ll feel!)

No hubby saying I love you and I appreciate you, no dinner out and no lunch or coffee by the foreshore.

Just another routine, Groundhog day here….. Move along folks there’s no show to watch here ha!

I hope you or your Mums have had a fantastic day! and if you’re a daddy/son/wife/partner reading this and you haven’t spoilt your wife/partner or Mum today, WHY NOT? get on it. She’ll glow with happiness all day I promise you.

So what did you get this Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s day to you all xx

I don’t want to

Today has been one of them long never ending days. The ones where even after you’ve just opened your eyes you know it’s going to be exhausting and you just don’t want to deal with it. These days normally start with children arguing over the television in another room, or an alarm that goes off on someone’s forgotten watch hiding under the bed, A child who thinks that 6am is the perfect time to nag mummy for breakfast and then refuse to eat it EVEN after you have given them their chosen food.

Yup today I simply don’t want to.

I don’t want to adult.
I don’t want to wife.
I don’t want to parent.
I don’t want to be jumping up and down constantly to get drinks for children.
I don’t want to make beds, wash dishes or clean the floor AGAIN for the 100th time this week.
I don’t want to think about dinner, What the heck do I feed them TODAY?! everyday something new to be thought of to fill hungry bellies.
I don’t want to make the lunch that the children will be fussy over, One wants this and another wants that.
I don’t want to be changing nappies or soothing booboos on knees and elbows.
I don’t want to talk to anyone and I sure don’t want to pretend that I am happy.

I just don’t want to anymore.

Do you get these days? where it all just seems like it’s too much? where you feel the weight of the thankless tasks that you do every day of your life. Where the movie Groundhog Day actually rings true. Where you open your Facebook and the very same stuff fills your newsfeed?

That’s me today. I don’t want to deal with any of it.

It’s night time now, it’s 9:33pm and although I am at the point of exhaustion where my ears are ringing, my head is throbbing and my body/mind/soul is craving sleep, i’m refusing to go. Although I know tomorrow I will cry for the hours of sleep that I missed tonight by being so stubborn and refusing to give up just that small fraction of time where I don’t need to be anyone but MYSELF.

The kids are asleep, My husband is at work and i’m here wishing I was anywhere else doing anything else.

Do you get much time to yourself? without the children? without the husband? without any responsibilities, simply time out of the house where you are untimed, unhurried, not texted or called but simply can BE ALONE? I don’t. I never do, and I cannot remember who I am anymore.

Am I Lisa the mum?
Am I Lisa the wife?
Am I Lisa the student?
Am I Lisa the house cleaner (in my own home) But no difference really is there? it’s STILL work.

Who am I?

So as I sit drinking an overly strong, very sweet huge mug of French earl grey tea which is one of my favourites, I am contemplating and dreaming of a time less stressed, less demanding, less worked and less tired.

Had to get that out, I feel a bit better now, I hope your day today and the next is better than what mine was today.