Happy Mother’s Day? or is it?


It’s Mother’s day today apparently, isn’t it?

I mean…. my Facebook feed is FULL of happy Mother’s day posts, look what I received today, breakfasts the hubby and kids have made for Mum shows of love and spoiling all around.

Except in my home. I woke to the usual sound of jumping in the lounge room which by the way sounds like a herd of elephants stomping around thanks to the floors of our home. The usual yelling for breakfast at 7am, the same as yesterday and numerous days before arguments between the children about Peppa Pig, Adventure Time and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

I gave everyone ELSE breakfast, I made my own tea, I did not get to stay in bed, and i’ll be cooking dinner tonight too.

No pretty gifts ( Thankfully the kids made me some or imagine how worse i’ll feel!)

No hubby saying I love you and I appreciate you, no dinner out and no lunch or coffee by the foreshore.

Just another routine, Groundhog day here….. Move along folks there’s no show to watch here ha!

I hope you or your Mums have had a fantastic day! and if you’re a daddy/son/wife/partner reading this and you haven’t spoilt your wife/partner or Mum today, WHY NOT? get on it. She’ll glow with happiness all day I promise you.

So what did you get this Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s day to you all xx


5 Tips From A Hostage Negotiator On How To Handle Your Toddler

So. I just stumbled upon this supposedly insightful piece about how to negotiate with your toddler from the view of a hostage negotiator. And I’ve come to the conclusion that 1, this negotiator probably never has had children and 2, every toddler I have had or known will laugh at these tactics.

Oh I’ve tried the sweet low tone of voice and words of reason – i’ve tried the distractions and the redirecting of thought. I’ve tried it ALL. And none of it works. My tactic, say what you need to ie: No you cannot have that cookie right now because dinner is in 5 minutes and then ignore tantrums. Responding to tantrums makes MORE tantrums in their future.

Check out the article and tell me what YOU think about her ideas. Click the link HERE to view the article.