Fruit For Life – Coconut Chips


Sometimes I crave a snack with crunch and this filled that need perfectly.

I love how they are delicately roasted, they’re such a beautiful snack and very easy to eat. I finished the entire bag!

I purchased this bag at Coles and I believe they were about $2.15 in the baking aisle where the dried fruits and nuts are stored.



I have a new addiction – COCONUT CHIPS !

It’s no secret in our house that I love everything COCONUT! Coconut water, coconut milk, shredded, desiccated omg everything coconut I adore ❤

I was at the pharmacy the other day and I saw coconut chips on the counter, they weren’t cheap (about $4 is memory is correct) but having never tried them before and having the personality where money burns a hole in my pocket and must must be spent I grabbed a bag.

oh how I wish I grabbed more than 1 bag 😥 biggest regret lol

Oh my sweet amazing crunchy delicious new love
Oh my sweet amazing crunchy delicious new love

I don’t know about other brands, as I said this is the only brand i’ve ever tried. But WOW these things are amazing. The packet did not have enough though as after I finished the last crunchy delicious morsel I was begging for more and getting each tiny crumb from the bottom corners to prolong the snacking delight.

Check them babies out. Crunchy, sweet and simply divine
Check them babies out. Crunchy, sweet and simply divine

The next time I see these babies i’m stocking up. I’ll have to be sneaky and hide the purchase from my husband though or he’ll likely have a heart attack at the price hehe

Are you in love with coconut as much as I am?


My FAVOURITE Banana Bread

I love Banana bread and this one is my all time favourite. So soft and rather cake like which completely appeals to my tastes. I hope you love it too.


Smash up two big banana’s and add to a stand mixer or you can use your hand mixer…

Add a TBS pure vanilla extract and mix with a paddle for about 2 minutes.

Add to that 3 eggs, 120ml veggie oil, 180g natural yoghurt ( I used greek ), 150 g brown or raw sugar ( I used brown cos I am naughty ), 2.5 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp ground nutmeg and mix for another 2 minutes.

Add 400 grams self raising flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp bicarb soda, 1/2 tsp salt mix for another couple of minutes until well beaten and light.

Bake 180C in a lined loaf pan until skewer comes out clean.

Adapted recipe…

I used wholemeal flour with this one and added shredded coconut, chocolate chips, chopped dates and some honey. It was so delicious.