My current study companion/addiction…


I am absolutely in love with Arkadia Chai Tea – Specifically the SPICE one!

I love the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness, I love that I can make it with both hot water or with hot milk for a perfectly creamy latte. I love that the tin lasts a long time also!

Day after day I spent my life in front of my computer studying and it’s sweet hot drinks that power me through the day, I have been trying to wean myself off of coffee lately as it’s started to make me anxious and jittery so it was great to find another drink I can have hot that I enjoy.

I love tea, ALL kinds of tea, but sometimes you want something creamy and a little indulgent. This hits the spot perfectly.

Do you have a favourite instant chai or latte blend? i’d love to know about it so that I can try it too!


Currently lusting over …

black-power1So I saw this gorgeous new Sodastream machine in a competition online today and it reminded me of the memories growing up begging Mum and Dad for a Sodastream for YEARS and never getting one.

Friends had one and it was amazing to me that they could have fizzy drinks made in their own homes, I still dream of owning one and will likely layby one soon.

My mind is whizzing with all of the remembered drink concoctions you can make with them, using fresh juices, cordials or just soda water on it’s own.

Have you bought a Sodastream? did you have one growing up?