Moving is hard work!

So the family and I are moving into a gorgeous new home. While I am so so so overwhelmingly excited and happy I am at the same time beyond exhausted and ready to hire a huge skip bin and just throw out all that is remaining so I don’t have to pack anymore lol

Do you hate that final stage of packing the house? and there’s STILL cleaning to do for the vacate ARGHHH

The one amazing thing in the home that I am looking forward to the most is the kitchen, it’s HUGE and with a dishwasher *sighs* I’ve hand washed dishes for my entire life and i’m tired of it. Surely a girl with 6 kids deserves a dish washer? hahaha

Isn’t this DIVINE !!?? 

There’s SO much bench space in this kitchen, I’m not going to know what to do with it all. The house we are currently in has such a tiny kitchen that when two people enter the kitchen is full and there’s this strange corner shaped space of benchtop that’s useless as it’s deep to the window but not wide at all.

I think my FIRST meal that i’m cooking in my new kitchen is a good butter chicken with naan breads. I’m going to use ALL of that glorious space, and then that lovely dishwasher can clean up for me YAY !!

I cannot wait to show photo’s of the food I cook up in the kitchen, GAS COOKING TOO!! woop woop !!! looking forward to sharing many new recipes coming up.


Madame Flavour Tea 💕

This Mother’s Day, Madame Flavour released some limited edition tins of tea to some stores and no matter how far I roamed I could not get my hands on one of the beautiful very much desired and what became an obsession to find one tins of tea. 

Being the annoying person I am when I go onto a mission I was messaging Madame Flavour on Twitter almost daily bemoaning the fact that the very much wanted tin was not to be found in any of my surrounding stores. I am guessing that because they were sooooo beautiful the stores sold out of them very fast. 

Yesterday I received a delightfully divine tin of tea from Madame Flavour thanks to their wonderful kindness and generosity. And oh wow I was not disappointed in both the tin and the gorgeous tea within. It is hard to pinpoint the delicate flavour and aroma notes in this tea but it is quite robust yet perfect for both morning and afternoon tea enjoyment. 

I love Madame Flavour tea and have been a happy consumer of their high quality products for a long time now. I can honestly say I have never been left unsatisfied. If you are yet to try their tea please do yourself a favour and buy some today, you will not regret it I promise!

Thank you Madame Flavour for this delicious gift, we are moving home and I was just thinking that it must be tea time when the postie knocked on my door and delivered my parcel 😃 fantastic timing !!