Don’t judge that mum at the park on her phone, PLEASE!

I am that mum.

I’m there on my phone reading Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m there sending messages to friends and family that I haven’t messaged in days.

I’m sitting there with my cup of coffee happily leaving the kids to play and asking the eldest to push the youngest on the swing because i’m busy.


Why am I that mum?

In every normal day I wake up at 7am and get the children ready for school, I feed them, clothe them, make the lunches and get them there safely. Then i’m home again and feeding our youngest son, dressing him for the day, setting him up with some games or puzzles and i’m on the laptop next to him – studying.

Throughout the day I am alternating myself between studying and playing with my young son, feeding him and generally attending to his needs and wants plus somewhere in between cleaning our too big of a house and cooking a meal for the night.

I’m tired, i’m worn out, i’m disconnected from friends and family. So when we are at the park I reconnect. I open Twitter, I open Facebook, I open Instagram, I make some calls and send some texts and let the kids play alone.

There’s 4 of them playing at any one time, they’re not babies anymore, they need to know how to be happy with their own company and I don’t think it’s a crime to let them play together, do you?

Oh I see you judging me, looking at me sideways when my young one asks someone to push him and I call our other son to go and push his brother. I see your questioning eyes looking at eachother and making your minds up about me before you even know me.

I don’t care.

Please don’t judge us mums on our phones at the park. Sometimes that hour at the park is the ONLY peaceful hour we have had for a brainless activity all day.

And when i’m home again, i’ll be with my kids again – we’ll watch a movie and get ready for meals, showers and bedtimes together. It’s just 1 hour out of my day at the park, and I NEED that hour!

Here’s some photo’s of my unfortunate children not being cared for at the park 😛

CLEARLY Unhappy children 😉

img_6437 img_6340 img_6425 img_5540 img_6352


The Reward Jug

So a friend just shared this idea to Facebook from Holly Bailey Hudson (see her original post HERE) and this is what she says about how the reward jug works for her.


David Hudson and I wanted to do something original to really motivate the kids for good grades. They love games and surprises, so I made a Mystery Report Card Reward Jug…… for each A they receive on their Report cards, they choose a stick, and a 4.0 gets an extra draw! Prizes written on the sticks range from 50 cents to $2.00, get out of chores free card, one small DQ blizzard, choice of dinner one night, as well as a few “Prizes” such as puzzles or candy that we bought. They LOVED it!!!! We will be doing this for every report card, for years to come!

I think she has a FANTASTIC idea !! but i’m thinking to change it to a good deed jug or maybe a weekly jug for good behaviour at school, at home or some other type of reward system. I’m unsure how I will change it yet! I wanted a reward system for the kids for a long time but charts don’t inspire my boys and I tend to forget about doing it *busy mum* but THIS idea seems perfect! it’s such an instantly gratifying way to encourage children to do their chores or be kind to each other.

                        Pick a stick – ANY STICK !! how exciting hahaha

Thank you Holly!

How would you use this system with your children? please INSPIRE ME !!

My parents NEVER did any type of rewards system for us kids whenever we worked hard at school or did chores around the house. it was simply an expected thing to do, I know I would of worked harder at school or done more chores around the house if I knew that they were grateful for my efforts.

I’m definitely going to give this a go =D

   Some reward ideas, oh gosh imagine the ideas you can excite them with =D



Visit to Perth Zoo

I love our zoo, It’s such a wonderful place to visit and we try to make sure we visit at least twice a year.

This school holidays we packed up a picnic lunch and took the children there for the day. It’s especially wonderful this year because Ali is 3 now and understands what he is looking at so much more than last year when he was 2. To little kids the zoo is a magical place where all of the animals on cartoons, tv shows and in their favourite books are right there and life sized.

His eyes were bright and wide with amazement for the entire day.

I thought I would share some photo’s for you to enjoy. My old camera doesn’t take the best photo’s though unfortunately but some look very nice.

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EasiYo trial from Social Soup

#EasyAsEasiYo Can't get any easier than EasiYo to make homemade yoghurt!
#EasyAsEasiYo Can’t get any easier than EasiYo to make homemade yoghurt! Image from EasiYo ❤

The kids and I are SO EXCITED that Social Soup chose us amongst many other families to trial and review the EasiYo system to make real, fresh yoghurt in our own home.

I have used EasiYo before, it’s luscious seriously! it’s a pot set yoghurt and is everything as good as what you would buy in the fridge section in stores.

I love the great range of flavours and their website has a great number of interesting recipes to mix it up. No more eating yoghurt from the tub here, I’m gonna get FREAKY 😛

The very first recipe i’m going to make is Ambrosia – *Sighs* I love that stuff. I’ll be sure to upload photos here when i’ve made it.

He’s super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that’s happily sitting and thickening for our breaky tomorrow
He's super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that's happily sitting and thickening for our brekky tomorrow.
He’s super excited that mama was able to buy a pile of other flavours too. BUT he wants the Strawberry one first so that’s happily sitting and thickening for our brekky tomorrow.
Mr Ishaq was our shaker man getting the yummy Strawberry yoghurt ready to go!


Here Ishaq is putting it in it’s container (no hot water, purely for photo reasons)


And Mr Elias putting the lid on (no hot water yet lol) mama is a helicopter parent hehe

So now we wait !!

Leave it for 8-12 hours and you’ll have thick yoghurt. #EasyAsEasiYo

Spring is HERE!

Although at the moment it doesn’t really feel like Spring yet. It’s raining constantly and the Winter chill is still in the air. I’ve been musing about what I love most about Spring.

For me –

Spring means welcoming the warmer weather
Picking flowers on the way to school with the kids
Playing on the trampoline all day and SOMETIMES with the hose turned on us
Hayfever, which is almost worth it for the flowers in bloom
Picnics and BBQ’s
Lazy days at the beach swimming, eating out, coffees while kids play and friendly get togethers with friends as a group
Watching my young ones under the sprinkler and breathing in their joy
The smell of dirt and sunshine on the kids hair after a day outside in the garden
Salads and bbq meats
Lazy afternoon naps – Sometimes you wake refreshed and sometimes half dead haha
Baby birds in the trees
Floating dresses and shaved legs 😉

There’s just so much to love about Spring. It’s my FAVOURITE of the seasons.

Thought i’d share.

What do you love most about Spring? 🙂

ps: please enjoy the photo of a bee in my lavender bush


When you’re sick – and a Mum

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I should know better, I really should.

I’ve been a mum now for over 19 years (GOD that sounds long!) and yet… I haven’t learnt.

You’re sick, it’s 7:30am and the alarm has gone off and you simply DO NOT want to leave the warm bed to get the kids ready and off to school. So you go against every single primal instinct that’s screaming inside of you and you tell the kids it’s a home day today.

YOU KNOW that it’s not going to end well but you can’t help yourself, you convince yourself that TODAY it WILL be different! they WILL behave and play quietly to let you rest your tired sore head and sleep for a while.

It’s all quiet…. until 8:30am. It lasts until the siren for school would of gone off and all of the little “darlings” are safe in class and you would of otherwise had peace in the house. You knew deep down it would go down like this, oh yes, YOU KNEW! but you ignored it, why did you ignore it?

The yelling starts, gradually at first, arguing over a toy, a teddy, or the tv channel.

Out of pure flu-filled desperation you tell them they can play their wiiU or their Playstation just so….

All is good, you’re surprised! HEY IT WORKED!!! and you close your eyes, you tell yourself that your kids are letting you sleep for once when you asked them to, you drift off…. slowly you fall down into that much needed blessed sleep, suddenly like a door slamming shut BANG !!! someone screams, another one cries… they’re running into the room at full speed with their voices as loud as a police siren MUUUMMMMMMM!!!!

You know right then…. you should of just sent them to school.

I never learn… why don’t I EVER learn?

Today was surgery day!

Today I put on on of my many many mum hats to be a surgeon, specifically a teddy surgeon.

Baby doggy has been in a bad way for about a year sitting in the closet waiting for his surgery. Can’t blame me, it’s the SYSTEM I tell ya!!! Being so overwhelmed with other surgeries on the waiting list the system cannot keep up and some patients with less life threatening conditions get pushed down the list. 😂😂

Anyway today was his day, in the middle of surgery it was discovered that he was sicker than we booked him in for so surgery took a bit longer than it normally would have but I’m happy to announce that he lived through the anaesthetic and will only have minimum scarring as a reminder of his surgery today.

So my surgeons hat has been removed for now and I’m about to change into my army Sargent hat to motivate some little bottoms into cleaning their rooms lol